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When I had my first baby in 2015, I was lonely. I had left a very busy career working for startups; I was the boss. I traveled frequently, wined and dined customers, and lived a very driven adult life. Most of my friends in Austin at that point in my life were from work and lived a similar kid-free lifestyle. Then, along came Charlie and everything changed.

No one understood what I was going through, yet I wasn’t alone. Over 90% of moms around the globe report feeling lonely after becoming a new mom. We are suddenly thrust into a new life-stage where our priorities and daily experiences are different from those we previously identified with. Even our friends who have older children have forgotten what those first few months of motherhood are like with the sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, anxiety (omg is he breathing?!?!), and quite simply — no one around to talk to.

The thing is that friendship isn’t just about being together and having fun. Finding a friend in motherhood is crucial to our mental health and wellbeing. Even making new acquaintances like getting up the nerve to talk to another mom at the playground helps increase our happiness and sense of belonging.

So, why does it have to be so hard?

I spoke to hundreds of mothers to get their point of view on this, and what they told me first and foremost is that there is so much anxiety around approaching a new mom. Thoughts run through their heads like, “she probably already has a bunch of friends,” or “what if my beliefs don’t align with hers and I waste all this time getting to know someone that I am not compatible with.”

I totally understand this. I have spent hundreds of hours in networking and board room situations with ease, but put me on a playground with another mom and my palms sweat and heart races. Most of the time I just don’t know what to say besides, “how old is your child?”

And, breaking the ice is only part of the problem. Who is brave enough to actually ask for another moms phone number? Not me.

I had to find a solution. Not just for me, but for all moms. That’s how I came up with Mombo. I took all the pain points for making a friend and built solutions for them. Before you ever meet someone on Mombo, you’ll know that she:

  • Has children around the same age as your children.
  • Shares your interests and parenting style.
  • Lives nearby and is on a similar schedule.
  • And, most importantly, is looking for new friends too!

We take the guesswork out of whether or not you “might” get along, whether you’re on the same schedule, and whether or not another mama is looking for friends too. Then, we help you through every step of the process of making a new mom friend.

Mombo launched in 2019 in Austin, and I’m so excited to offer moms real help in making friends. If you haven’t joined, please sign up today. Give yourself the gift of friendship.



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