Our 5 Favorite Austin Brands for Moms by Moms

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day later this week, I wanted to highlight some of Austin’s best companies that are not only owned by women – but created by moms for moms just like us. These businesses all share one mission: to make our daily lives as mothers a little better.

1. Pro Mama – You’ve heard the phrase, “we’re expected to do our jobs like Woman Owned Startup Austinwe don’t have children, and we’re expected to raise our children like we don’t have jobs.” Sadly, working moms today face an impossible challenge of finding work-life balance. We are often discriminated against in the workplace and skipped over for promotions because we have children and our priorities are split between work and home. Pro Mama has set out to change that.

Pro Mama is a recruiting platform that helps companies find and hire working moms. Founded by two working mamas, Jessica Gaffney and Ariele Rosch, Pro Mama exclusively works with companies that truly value moms in the workplace and are seeking to hire them. Some of Austin’s top companies like RetailMeNot and Kendra Scott (who is also a working mom) list jobs with Pro Mama, offering the flexibility that working moms need and the respect they deserve. Did you know that women with children are more productive than other workers at nearly every career phase? Seems like a win-win for everyone.

If you’re looking for a job that supports you as an employee and as a parent, you should hurry up and signup for Pro Mama’s weekly newsletter. You can have full-time, part-time, project-based, and work-from-home opportunities all delivered directly to your inbox.

Signup here and find your dream job, mama: https://www.promama.co/signup.

2. Crafty Counter WundernuggetsHave you ever had a hard time Women's CPG Startupsgetting your kiddos to eat their vegetables? The founder of Crafty Counter and working mama Hema Reddy set out to fix this age old problem with her delicious and super nutritious Wundernuggets. Every serving of Wundernuggets is a full meal for your child, and combines protein (chicken or veggie) plus healthy grains and…vegetables! That’s right, your picky little nugget will never know he’s eating veggies like cabbage and cauliflower.

We are huge fans of the Minty Lentil vegan nuggets in our house. My toddler son eats them with ketchup and I heat them up (only 60 seconds in the microwave) and toss them on a salad for a healthy source of protein. Beware, they are addictively delicious!

You can find Wundernuggets in Austin at Central Market, Wheatsville, Fresh Plus and Royal Blue, or online at amazon.com.

3. JuiceBox HeroFinding childcare can be incredibly overwhelming. Austin Women Owned StartupsThere are so many decisions that have to be made like in-home or daycare? Cost. Distance. Teaching style. Hours. Is your head about to explode?

Working mama Laurie Felker Jones understands this pain, and that’s why she created JuiceBox Hero. Her platform helps working parents find the right childcare fit for their situation and their budget. You can browse childcare providers on the JuiceBox Hero website or you can reach out directly to JuiceBox Hero for their concierge service that does the work for you.

Don’t suffer through the search for childcare alone, contact Laurie’s team at JuiceBox Hero: https://www.juiceboxhero.com.

4. The Hive – This place has everything a working mom could dream of. The Hive Austin CoworkingDeveloped as a co-working space, The Hive has desks for rent or open seating where you can drop in and get some work done. The bonus: you can bring your kids for on-site supervised care. Even better, they offer coffee, snacks, beer and wine. You’ll never want to go home.

The Hive is the brainchild of Shelly Weiser, a working mama of 2 toddlers. As a graphic designer, she knew what it was like to get a last-minute project but have no one to watch the kids. Since launching, The Hive has become a hub for parents with weekly family-friendly events, an outdoor play space and on-site food trucks.

We suggest you checkout The Hive yourself at 10415 Old Manchaca Rd C, Austin, TX 78748.

5. Mombo – We help moms make friends. Our purpose is to support the Mombo App Helps Moms Make Friendsmental health of moms by helping them find like-minded women nearby. Over 90% of new moms experience loneliness after giving birth and 40% feel “friendless.” I personally experienced this loneliness after the birth of my first child 3 years ago. My family lives far away, my current friends weren’t in the same life stage, and I had tried and failed to make friends at a number of pre-natal classes and activities.

So, I set out to make it easier for moms to make friends. First I spoke to hundreds of women in Austin about their struggles, and then I created solutions. The result is heymombo.com. You just log onto our website, fill out a quick questionnaire, and then we invite you to events with like-minded women who live near you. Every woman you meet through Mombo has children the same age plus she is on a similar schedule, shares your interests and parenting style, and she’s looking for friends like you!

Join free today at heymombo.com.

So, we know that we left several awesome mom-owned businesses off this list, which ones are your favorites?!

Photo of Hema Reddy, Founder & CEO of Crafty Counter.

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