Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to know more about Mombo? You came to the right place. If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us.

General Questions

We help moms make new friends. We currently offer two services for women in Austin, TX: invite-only events and a premium concierge matching service for one-on-one meetups. Moms are matched by our proprietary technology, which takes into account a woman’s location, schedule, demographic info, children’s ages, and personal preferences. Every woman you meet through Mombo will also be looking for friends and be pre-screened for compatibility with you. All moms are welcome to join our community for free, so what are you waiting for?

Motherhood can be lonely, and making new friends can be hard. Mombo helps you make friends in a normal situation with just a little help. We’ve researched every step of the the friend-making process and provide tools to help break down the awkward barriers to making new connections. Mombo removes the judgement and the awkwardness by bringing together like-minded women who are looking for friends just like you. Join us today. Even if you don’t meet your bff on your first try, you’ll at least enjoy a healthy adult conversation which can work wonders for your mental health.

We will be expanding across Texas and beyond soon. Please click to join with your email and zip code, and we’ll notify you when we plan to launch in your area.

We take safety very seriously. We never share your contact information or last name without permission. Further, all of our invite-only events are staffed by a Mombo representative and held in public places. All of our Mombo Concierge one-on-one meetups are also scheduled for public places like indoor play places, coffee shops or the public library that have on-site staff.

At this time a photo is not required to join our community. We believe there is enough judgement when it comes to motherhood, why add more?

Please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Invite-Only Events

We need to reach a sufficient number of women to make the matching work. That’s why we are gathering profiles starting now! You can help us by posting our website to your social media account and encouraging others to share and join.

We will curate a guest list of approximately 100 likely compatible women in a geographic area such as South Austin. Then, we will blast the invite to those 100 women. We will sell tickets to the first 10-20 to RSVP. From there, we match the attendees based on compatibility. Each attendee is guaranteed at least one match per event. The matches are kind of like “speed dates” where you get 20 minutes to chat with each mama. After the event, you offer your feedback to us on your matches. If you and another mama indicate that you’d like to meet up again – then we let you both know!

Events cost $5+ depending on the activity.  So, for example:

  • Playdate at The Little Gym: $25 (cost of a drop-in entry)
  • Brewery Meetup: $10 (cost of 2 beers)
  • Wine + Childcare: $25 (cost of a glass of wine + 1 hour of childcare at a licensed facility)

All tickets to the events are non-refundable to discourage no-shows. Please remember that there is someone at this event looking forward to meet you! It’s very important that you show up.

Premium Concierge Service

You can join Mombo Concierge starting in April 2019. After joining, we will reach out directly to you to confirm preferences and schedules. Then, we will comb our database to find the mom most likely to be compatible with you. You tell us when and where you’d like to meet and we will coordinate the rest. After the meetup, you let us know whether or not you’d like to meetup again, and if the answer is yes – then we help facilitate the next meetup too.

Mombo Concierge also gives you exclusive first access to tickets for our invite-only events. We anticipate that these will sell out fast, so even if a group setting is more your thing — the upgrade might be worth it!

Mombo Concierge is a subscription and it costs $10/month. You can cancel at anytime by logging into your Paypal account or contacting us. We are new and a small company, therefore we are very easy to work with. If you are traveling one month or forget to cancel the service, we will gladly refund your money.

You simply pay $10 per month, which includes scheduling of 1 meetup, post-meetup follow-up, and the opportunity for first access at our invite-only events. Any activities done at meetups are done at your own cost, we only handle the matching and scheduling.

We created Mombo because we know moms are busy, and your time is extremely limited and very valuable. We do our best to ensure that the mom will show, including confirming meet-ups the day before and providing calendar invites. However, if there is an instance of a no-show, we will refund your monthly subscription fee immediately. Further, the woman who no-showed will be removed from our Mombo database.

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