About Us

Why Mombo?

Nearly 90% of moms experience loneliness. Whether you’re far from family or your friend group isn’t in the same life stage, motherhood thrusts us into a whole new world that many of us are unprepared for – a world of isolation.

That’s why we set out to launch Mombo – to make it easier for moms to make new friends. We listened to hundreds of moms just like you – and we developed tools to take the awkwardness out of making new connections.

Your future mom friend is out there waiting, and we will help you find her!

We are now accepting our first members in Austin, TX, and will begin offering our services in February 2019.

About Our Founder

Angela Hein came up with the concept of Mombo during one of those long, lonely and tired nights of motherhood – sitting in a rocking chair wishing her 18-month-old would just friggin’ go to sleep.

She truly thought making mom friends would be easy. After all, two mothers have something in common: a kid! But, it turns out that talking to another mom on the playground was much more difficult than she anticipated, in fact, it was terrifying (heart racing, sweaty palms…you know the feeling!).

So, Angela set out to solve this problem and make it easier for moms of every walk of life to make new connections. Motherhood shouldn’t be lonely. It takes a village – let us help you find yours!